Prolec manufactures a range of electronic weighing, safety and monitoring instruments for the world-wide construction industry that is suitable for excavators, back hoes, bucket loaders, forklift trucks and lorry loader cranes.

The company maintains a fully-equipped development team and undertakes design contracts for major equipment manufacturers. Installation and product support are handled through a service network extending across the UK, and via distributors in selected countries within the European Community and beyond.

The company maintains a rigorous quality assurance system and holds ISO 9001 certification.
A team of in-house development engineers is dedicated to the task of completing design and development contracts on time and within budget. The principles of rigorous design standards coupled with system flexibility lie behind the success of the company's developments for its own use and for its expanding customer base.
Regular defence-related work bears testimony to the maintenance of high standards throughout all areas of the company's operations.

Prolec was founded as a private company in 1982, but since April 2003 it has been a member of the Strainstall group of companies, which is headquartered in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Prolec occupies its own 7,600 sq. ft. factory on a modern industrial estate at Poole, Dorset, from where it supplies and services its mainstream product range and a continuing activity in sub-contract PCB design and assembly.

The company employs 25 staff and current sales are at the annual rate of £2.6m, of which some 75% is directed to the construction industry.

• New equipment, supply or install.
• Changeover of equipment from old machine to new machine.
• Repair/Service or Inspect & Certification of existing equipment.

Download our spec sheets below for the PME 100/200/300 and 400

PME 100

PME100 is designed for monitoring and controlling the movement of any articulating construction equipment.
The system measures position through sensors to guide the operator to stay within a user defined working envelope.

Download the Spec sheet to find out more information.


PME 200

PME is designed to ensure the safety of lifting operations. The system measures the load and guides the operator, ensuring the lift is performed safely and within the machine’s limits. 

Download the Spec sheet to find out more information.



PME 300

PME300 is a controller designed to monitor and prevent slewing machinery moving into a user-defined zone. PME300+ provides the basic functionality of PME300 with the additional ability to work within a user-described complex shape or with a “virtual wall” at one or both sides of the equipment.

Download the Spec sheet to find out more information.



PME 400

PME400 is designed to control the movement of a machine in all planes; vertical and horizontal providing a 3D envelope of control around the machine. Offering multiple options for control, this system combines the slew sensing of PME300 with the 2D envelope monitoring of PME100 in one integrated solution. 

Download the Spec sheet to find out more information.


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